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Nathaniel CooperApr 13, 2021 2:58:14 AM7 min read

Everything You Need To Know About Using A Video Content Manager

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If you want to incorporate video content into your marketing strategy, there are several things you'll need to take care of first. To publish engaging videos, you'll need the right resources, including storage solutions, post-production & content delivery tools, skilled professionals, and an outstanding video content manager to overlook the entire process.

But finding the right content manager for video content is no easy task. You'll need to do a lot of research to find the perfect match. To help you find the best resources, I've put together this quick guide.

Important Role

Building a content strategy that reflects your brand's personality and executing the same is one of the biggest hurdles of online marketing. You may invest in an array of tools and applications, but without the right person leading the process, you'll find it extremely difficult to meet your goals. And this is where content managers come to your rescue.

Online video content may take various forms, including short videos, live streams, exclusive content for YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms, on-demand videos, ads, short clips, and more. Its primary responsibility is to create and/or acquire the required content, assign the work to the editing team, schedule the delivery, and overlook the entire process. Think of it as a merger between two roles - project management and content management.

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So what does a content video manager do?

Although the role may vary based on business needs, here are some significant responsibilities that remain consistent across every industry:

  • Create a content plan that is in line with the short and long-term marketing objectives.
  • Collaborate with other teams (designing, sales, marketing, etc.) to strategize and structure overall content style, layout, and brand guidelines.
  • Improve and revamp existing content delivery processes.
  • Set editorial guidelines so that the video content is compelling and consistent across all platforms.
  • Formulate cross-platform video content strategy.
  • Manage a team of video editors, designers, and other content creators.
  • Provide editorial support to teams and monitor their productivity.
  • Build editorial calendars
  • Keep up with current events and come up with fresh ideas to capture the interest of the viewers
  • Measure and analyze which videos are working and which aren't to further optimize the brand's video marketing efforts.
  • The manager should have a working knowledge of video recording, editing, and post-production tools.

Content Manager Skills and Qualities

Video content marketing managers are in high demand. Knowing where (and what) to look for is essential if you want to build a brand identity using videos. Ideally, content managers have to juggle a lot of work simultaneously, from building strategies to assigning the projects, editing, content publishing, and more.

The final requirements may vary on your business needs. However, listed below are some mandatory skills that you must cross-check before hiring:

  • Proven leadership experience as a YouTube content manager, creator studio video manager, or similar domain
  • Hands-on experience with tools, apps, and platforms, such as WordPress, Adobe, Microsoft Office, etc.
  • Basic understanding of HTML and web publishing
  • Knowledge of SEO, web and social traffic metrics
  • Exceptional knowledge of social media and trends
  • Excellent people management, time management, and organizational skills
  • A degree in Marketing or other associated fields
  • Additional certifications for video tools
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Comfortable working with data and spreadsheets as and when needed

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Irrespective of the expertise and skills, there are some fundamental qualities that every manager must have, such as:

  • Develop Strategic Content Goals - The most critical role of a content manager is to develop strategic content goals. They should be curious to test new tactics, take some risks, and search for new topics. A successful content manager will align the content strategy to your brand's goals, ensuring that the brand has enough content for all platforms and different customer journey levels.
  • Create Content and Manage Content Distribution - The following fundamental responsibility of a content manager is to create content for different online platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, etc. Besides creating content (and getting it done from teams), the content manager will also need to ensure that all created content is published across platforms consistently and on time.
  • Collaborate With Other Departments on Content Creation - While the content manager will be creating content, he/she will also need to collaborate with other departments. Graphic designers, content writers, video editors, sales and marketing, customer support - when all the teams work in synchronization, it gets easier to create quality content.
  • Ability to work with many apps and tools - A content manager's ability to work with different tools is a must-have. When hiring someone for your brand's video marketing, verify if the applicant understands how various mechanisms work. Even if they aren't proficient at using all the tools, a fair idea will come extremely handy in most situations.
  • Analyze KPI to Determine Content Effectiveness - One of the most important tasks of a content manager is reviewing how the published content is performing, what's working, what's not, and what can be further optimized. They'll need to keep track of the analytics, gather and review it frequently, and restructure the strategy based on the data accumulated. To do so, content managers need to have an in-depth understanding of MS Excel, Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, and other third-party analytics tools.

Content Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Coupled with other background tasks such as building creative briefs, coordinating with teams, maintaining the brand style guide, and ensuring timely delivery of each project - content managers have to balance dynamic demands while ensuring that each video is original and authentic.

Video content managers should coordinate and handle a range of content and associated multimedia assets such as stock photography, infographics, videos, brand logos, collateral, and more. Usually, most content managers rely on one or more best cms for video content to keep all digital assets organized, readily accessible and automate recurring tasks.

To handle so many tasks, you'll need to hire an experienced professional with proven content creation skills. An ideal candidate will have the required experience, perform well under pressure, and will be detail-oriented. They will be experts in content optimization, content refurbishing, and brand consistency and help raise brand awareness, web, and social traffic.

A successful content manager will also have hands-on experience with analytics, Google, and Microsoft Office tools. Ultimately, they should oversee all marketing content initiatives to ensure customer engagement, brand consistency, and a positive customer experience.

As I mentioned a couple of times, a content manager's duties and responsibilities vary depending on the needs of the business. Many of the typical responsibilities a content manager will oversee include:

  • Fixing inconsistencies in existing content
  • Creating new content (by themselves and the team)
  • Updating existing content
  • Optimizing content production and delivery process
  • Building and managing an editorial calendar
  • Promoting and publishing content across online platforms
  • Identifying and brainstorming new content opportunities
  • Analyzing organic and referral traffic
  • Taking responsibility for deadlines and authenticity of the content
  • Serving as proofreader for all content to ensure accuracy, transparency, and authenticity
  • Maintaining awareness of industry trends and adjusting the content strategy as necessary
  • Collaborating with the brand, product, and sales managers to create promotional concepts
  • Ensuring compliance with the law (e.g., copyright and data protection)


Based on my experience with video agencies and teams of all sizes, I realized that content managers aren't only responsible for creating content but also managing it. It is a demanding career choice that needs well-balanced skills and expertise.

A good video content manager will understand that video marketing isn't just about visual content. It's also about how those visuals are showcased, designed, and delivered. Someone who has a thorough understanding of your industry (or at least has a burning desire to learn) and is comfortable adapting to the latest trends, exploring new ideas and video concepts will make an excellent addition to your team.

If you look for a content manager with the five qualities that I've listed above, you'll indeed find someone who will add value to your marketing strategy and help your brand create engaging content.

And if you wish to take the reins of your brand's video marketing campaigns into your hands, I suggest that you download NextFrame By ProMAX at the earliest. Unlike other apps, Nextframe is an all-in-one video testimonial software for all of your video marketing needs. You can use it to record high-quality customer testimonials from your phone and directly upload the footage through the cloud to a desktop interface where the editor can manage the content and download the full resolution video to edit.


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