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Matthew MisterJul 20, 2022 4:18:27 PM1 min read

Is a Laptop Enough for Video Editing?


Work has become more flexible than ever allowing most employees to work from anywhere with an internet connection. Video editors have the same freedom, they just need access to their files and a reliable computer to work on their projects. 

You may be asking, is a laptop enough for video editing? Laptops can be used for video editing but not any laptop will do. You’ll need a laptop that can support the performance demands of working with video files. The laptop you choose will need a CPU and graphics card that are capable of handling multiple streams of data from large video files. 

When making sure that your laptop is suitable for video editing, consider the types of video you are working with. The higher the resolution of video you are working with, the more performance your laptop will need. Other things to consider are the quality of the display and internal memory of the system. Upgrading these can all contribute to a better experience over all.

There are a number of laptop options available on the market today that are suitable for video editing that can fit most budgets. If you can’t find a suitable video editing laptop in your price range, consider a gaming computer which is also capable of handling video editing work.

Don’t let the need for high-performance keep you stuck in one location. There are plenty of laptops available that are powerful enough for video editing.