How to choose a cloud storage provider

by Brian Reisdorf, on Jan 16, 2020 4:00:00 AM

The biggest thing obviously it's going to be on everybody's mind is price first, you know price and storage. The other thing is just availability. Like there are some providers that have you know, an actual time to recover even from cloud like if you request files they may not be ready right away. They may have to actually pull them back in may be ready in an hour. They may be ready in 24 hours. But that's a consideration when you're when you're paying for cloud storage.

The other side of it is sometimes if you have development efforts that are geared towards the cloud, you know, there are reasons that you would link up with particular providers over another but in the context of just storage it usually just comes down to price and availability price per terabyte and availability. Also the other the other thing you have to be aware of in the price is most of the time they will not charge you to upload. They will almost always charge you to download.

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