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Shared Storage to Collaborate. Simple Software to Manage Video.

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Collaboration + Media Management for Video Professionals with Shared Storage

ProMAX Platform Software Interface

What is Media Management?

Shooting and editing media is just one of many tasks professional video teams have to juggle. After all of the time and effort dedicated to capturing footage, what's next? That's where shared storage Media Management for video and film comes into play.

From the moment you begin to ingest the files you captured until they are exported, shared and backed up, you are performing media management. Making sure that files get tagged correctly and organized properly is just as important as using the right lighting and camera equipment. Anytime someone on your team goes to work on a shared project they have to access media files, but how will they know where to find them? Media Management is the process of organizing your media that allows your video team to be able to quickly find, access and work on those media files. 

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ProMAX made the collaborative workflow process so much easier than it might have been. It also helps that the system is rock solid. You don't have to worry about it breaking down. It's always there in the background always working, always ready."

John Weaver, Senior Video Producer at Ochsner Health Systems

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