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Brian Reisdorf Jan 27, 2020 4:00:00 AM < 1 min read

How do you improve motion graphics rendering speed?

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If you are working in motion graphics, you know that the rendering process can take a long time. How can you speed that process up so you have more time to work and spend less time waiting?

It really comes down to how you're working with it. I mean,  After Effects is one of the programs where really having a lot of memory actually is quite beneficial because they do a lot of in memory kind of pre-rendering that goes on.

Because really when you get down to it, the bulk of After Effects is kind of vector based 3D type animation, it's being generated on the fly and that information could be kind of pre-rendered and stacked into memory and you can do some way back in your memory cache., 

If you're doing more 3D type work and depending on what renders you're using and a lot of other variables, you know, a high-end video card that can do real-time retracing things like that can go a long way. It doesn't work for every workflow though.