Factors that impact remote NAS Performance

by Matthew Mister, on May 20, 2020 11:53:48 AM

If you do connect via VPN, that's still just a connection into the network in your office. You still have to actually mount and connect to the storage and that's usually using a different protocol like SMB. The vast majority of the NAS out there connect via SMB in most situations. That said, SMB doesn't like latency like it's designed for a local network. So when you start running that across two thousand miles the performance drops even harder.

A lot of this stuff is not designed for this kind of operation. It's designed for local network use. So there's things like that. The other factor here is you've got the latency side of it like just the feel of how things work. So even if you can get data there's some unknowns about how the program that you're using will react when it takes a lot longer than normal for what it thinks is a local file to be processed. You can start running into strange timeouts or renders that fail or do strange things because the program.

This goes back to the VPN side, the VPN allows it to present as a kind of locally attached storage. The program doesn't know any better. It just knows that things aren't responding like they normally do and that can cause all sorts of other strange things. Those are some of the big ones, the other factors, when you get over to like the PC over IP kind of solutions, it's a lot more of an IT heavy situation a solution to deploy to maintain. It's usually a one to one type situation where you've got one work station connecting to one whereas you're not really sharing resources across the entire network. It's just a dial and point to point type setup, super useful if you have a scenario where it makes sense, but it's not kind of the all-encompassing connection into the the internet world.

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