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Matthew MisterMay 21, 2020 4:00:00 AM1 min read

Does your workstation impact remote NAS performance?

This is the hardest thing about the remote connecting. There are so many variables that even if you have the most Primo workstation possible your connection to the internet might still be worse than me and my Chromebook, when it comes to downloading the files that I want or getting the files that I want. It sounds insane but it is absolutely true.

There are just times and literally there are just times when your internet is worse than others. We've all experienced this especially a month ago when everybody cut over all the same time. Microsoft Teams and Zoom and all of those services just slowed to a crawl and a lot of times not even for their own reasons, like just for general internet bandwidth situations. So it's extraordinarily hard but if you're going to stack the deck in your favor big workstation, lots of RAM, big video card. It never hurts!

In an ideal situation, our solution in particular one of the things that we zeroed in on first is you got to have the performance. So our go-to is having the local cache drive that kind of syncs as the secondary operation. You're not reliant on the direct sync to the office. You're working on local copies of your stuff. In that situation having a high-end workstation is absolutely going to benefit you because you're working with the copy that's there in your home. Then as you make changes it's syncing to the outside world everything kind of at its own pace at that point. So you're not kind of at the mercy of you know, the waxing and waning of the internet connections and latency.