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Matthew MisterMay 22, 2020 4:00:00 AM2 min read

Access your NAS remotely with a ProMAX MediaHub

Just from an overview perspective our approach, our big factors in this are performance, collaboration and an organization structure. Those are the things you need to have an actual functional workflow for a work group.

If you're a single user the world is your oyster, there's a million ways to do this stuff. But if you have to collaborate with other people you have to have those factors in play. So the way that we have things set up. We deploy a small MediaHub server at your location. So in your home, your secondary office wherever and then that basically does an always on, real-time sync with your main unit or your other co-workers. If you got five other co-workers, they all have these devices everybody syncing together. Everybody's working from a little 8TB drive that's part of those servers.

So you got several projects that are ongoing and as you work you're working from your local system from that local server, just like a local server that was in your building to begin with. When you make a change, that change is propagated to your whole work group. So if your After Effects person throws a graphic in or your sound person adds a voiceover, you can just grab that right off your local drive because as you're working that data is not waiting for you to request it. It's transferring as soon as they drop it on the network. 

What we really went for here is a couple of things primarily again. We wanted performance to be key and having the local drive allows us to do that without any variability in the network connection or anything like that. The other thing is we absolutely wanted this to be as easy as possible. When you open up that project file if someone else is dropping data in there at their house, it's showing up you don't have to deal with proxies if you don't want to. You can deal with full-res media if you have the bandwidth to support it. For backup and all that if we're syncing back to your Platform at your facility and a back-up plan that's running on that.

It's getting everybody's changes every day just like it always did. So there's a lot of benefits to doing it this way. Is it the most bandwidth minimal way to do it? No, it's not but it's by far the easiest way to do it and it requires the least change to your existing workflow. Really that's the important part you want to be able to go home and work then go back to the office and work basically do it exactly the same way and that's what we were shooting for.