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Nathaniel CooperFeb 20, 2020 7:00:00 AM1 min read

Creating an effective marketing video

Creating quality video marketing content is critical for growing your business in 2020. As we've talked about before, many businesses try to be perfect and over complicate the video production process which leads to either nothing being done or videos taking a long time to create.

What makes a video effective determines on it's intent. A Hollywood production relies on high-end technology to create the movies we watch at a theater. For a great marketing video all you need is a cell phone with a decent camera and an idea.

For effective marketing video, production value is not nearly as critical as it is for TV or the big screen. In fact upwards of 85% of your viewers won't even listen to the audio, instead relying on captions to consume your message.

If you’re going to have a great camera, great lighting, great microphone. Like that's cool. But captions are more important. Figuring out a way to communicate the intent of that content is really important, especially on social channels. If you look at  Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn the like quick social channels, like social feed scenarios, you know, you've got quick seconds to grab somebody's attention.

Cutting videos so you dive quickly right into the topic so that either the first couple sentences are captioned tell you exactly what that videos about. There is a common strategy where you just put the topic at the top of the video. That stuff is really important.


Nathaniel Cooper

As Chief Operating Officer of ProMAX Systems, Nathaniel Cooper, runs ProMAX Systems day to day operations. Cooper has been working with Storage, Backup and Media Management for video and creative professionals since 2001. Cooper has lead the design and deployment of some of the largest media systems in the world including a range of customers from NFL, MLB & NBA teams, US Military operations, and many of the worlds largest PR agencies and consumer brands. Cooper has spent the last 9 years as part of the ProMAX team and specializes in translating complex technical issues and options into easily understandable concepts.