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Is video a cost or catalyst for growing a business?

by Nathaniel Cooper, on Sep 16, 2019 9:00:00 AM


I've seen a lot of conversation with my customer on this balance between agency video companies or in-house video teams.

A lot of this revolves around the concept of: "Is video a catalyst for growth, or is it something you need to maintain in order to continue your growth?" 

We've talked about this here at ProMAX.  We provide collaborative storage solutions. There's efficiency, you can put out more but ultimately this helps companies grow and be more efficient.

There's a lot of conversations around this topic. We're curious on your thoughts. Do you see the video you produce as something that will grow your customers or something that helps them continue what they're doing and helping them get their message out?

We would love to hear your thoughts! There's a few ways to share them with us!

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