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Nathaniel CooperSep 13, 2019 9:00:00 AM1 min read

Are Hard Drives more safe than SSDs?


I was discussing with one of our customers the difference between SSD storage and traditional hard drives. We all know the basic differences, SSDs have more performance especially in a shared environment, hard drives provide a lot more storage for your dollar.

But he came to me with an interesting concern that I had actually never heard before, but was kinda true, I think he was just looking at things the wrong way.

The concern he had was that he heard that if an SSD fails,  you can't recover it nearly as easy as if a hard drive fails. 

Well technically that may be true, because there's a lot more physical parts in a hard drive that can go bad and when you have physical parts, it is easier to replace them and fix the drive. 

But, when you look at the failure rates of SSDs vs Hard Drives, I think he was focused on the wrong thing. Because while you may have more luck sending a busted hard drive to a drive recovery facility, but with a SSD you're going to get a lot less failure.

It was an interesting concern but a good question to ask. Check out some more blogs on the differences between SSDs and HDDs, it will help you get a deeper understanding of these drives.


Nathaniel Cooper

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