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iphone vs mediahub
Matthew MisterSep 11, 2019 8:57:02 AM1 min read

Why Apple Iphone 11 Named After ProMax?

Heads up! Read all the way to the bottom for an added surprise!

Tim Cook and the team over at Apple had their keynote yesterday and announced some pretty crazy products coming out. But there was one that really stuck out to our team over here at ProMAX.

Once we heard the name of the new iPhone 11 Pro Max our entire team started laughing, all for different reasons. 

This is our company chat just minutes after we heard the name.

(Hint: This is our attempt at something clever)

Our leadership team laughed because back in 2001, we were selling Apple products, fast forward to 2019 and apparently they decided it was time to return the favor and sell ProMAX products.

(probably because they're awesome products, even David agrees)


Wait for it...the surprise is almost here

Our tech team was thinking about the endless stream of calls and emails they'll receive from people trying to fix their phone. Oh boy...

The marketing guy (that's me) laughed because now he's gotta compete with Apple for top search rankings in Google for our company name. That should be fun...

Our sales team is sitting around waiting for people to call asking to buy iPhones only to break their hearts when we tell them that we don't have the hookup on the latest iPhone.

ProMAX MediaHub vs iPhone 11 ProMAX

With all this buzz around ProMAX the marketing guy decided to have some fun with it and create a comparison of our ProMAX MediaHub and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Here are a few more comparisons that didn't make the lovely video at the top.

  ProMAX MediaHub iPhone 11 Pro Max
# of built in cameras 0 4
Tracks your steps No Yes
Available connections Thunderbolt, USB3.1, 1GbE RJ45 Lightning Cable


Here's that surprise we promised...

We've talked a lot about how the two Pro Max products are different. But what if you could use them together to create some awesome video content easily?

Using an iPhone 11 Pro Max with it's stellar camera quality and the Dropbox app you can create and collaborate on video projects with your team even if you're not in the office.

Click here to see a video made using this process.