Create a real-time sync between your video files and remote editors

Hardware accelerated remote video collaboration

ProMAX MediaHub connects remote editors using a peer-to-peer network. This real time sync enables file sharing and collaboration unmatched by proxy or Dropbox workflows.

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Collaborate with your remote video editors

Remote video production typically requires you to make sacrifices to your workflow. With MediaHub your team can easily share media files in real-time using a peer-to-peer network creating an editing environment that feels like you are working in your studio. 


Simple Hardware

ProMAX MediaHub can be up and running quickly sitting on the desk in your home office. With connectivity for your external devices MediaHub gives creatives the ability to connect all their Thunderbolt storage devices, creating a remote shared storage network.

MediaHub Setup Guide

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Built specifically for Video Teams 

MediaHub includes ProMAX MAM, ProMAX Proxy & ProMAX Transcode software to create the ultimate video workflow.  Need to find a project from last year?  No problem! We got it.

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How much storage?!?!

With up to 32TB of internal SSD Storage + support for up to 128TB of usable storage on a single MediaHub you'll be able to grow!  Giving you an all-in-one storage solution about the same size as a Mac Mini! 

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