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What to consider for cloud editing
Brian ReisdorfOct 29, 2019 1:42:52 PM1 min read

Cloud editing: What to consider for your video team

So you're a production supervisor or a production manager, and someone on your team asks you to explore enabling cloud video editing for the team. Your first question is..."Don't we already have the cloud?"

You probably upload and download stuff already, so what the heck is cloud editing?

The overall term Cloud Editing is very new and nebulous. But the reality is, it's allowing an editor to work from home or from anywhere they can access the internet. 

It's a really cool idea and it is coming! The question being how far out that really is. This leaves a lot of things to consider especially as a team lead. 

  1. Your team is going to need a whole new workflow and set of tools
  2. Bandwidth requirements
  3. Proxy Workflows
  4. Using a cloud platform

There are some cloud platforms that are a type of hybrid cloud platform where instead of accessing the data and working from it remotely, you can actually access a remote computer and edit from that using a light laptop and have a full Resolve suite at your hands.

There are some tradeoffs and caveats that come with that type of workflow such as having to upload full resolution files to the server in order to access it which can take a long time.

So as a team lead, when you're investigating cloud editing there is a lot of give and take which is all bandwidth and latency related. 

Also, the feel of cloud editing will not be the same as what you can do on a local workstation, for now. This will change eventually. 

So as you are investigating cloud video editing keep these things in mind. It may not be the time for cloud editing right now, but it will be with time.