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Access & Manage Media Files Anywhere with Dropbox

by Matthew Mister, on Oct 29, 2019 2:19:50 PM

So the other night I was driving home from Los Angeles and my car decided it wanted to take Friday off and died on the side of I-5. I was able to limp it home but I couldn't make it into the office the next day because it was wouldn't run.

The problem is I needed to manage some media files for my team on our local server at the office, so what am I going to do? 

Looks like I'm working on the cloud today!

Luckily I had already set up a Dropbox enabled Platform space on our local server, so accessing the files I needed from home was pretty simple!

All I had to do was login to our Dropbox team account, access the Dropbox enabled space on our Platform and pull the files I needed from there.

Having a cloud workflow for your video team can come in handy when life throws a curveball at you or if you just need to be away from the office for a bit. 

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