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What is the goal of your video team?

by Taylor Hodgetts, on Dec 3, 2019 9:00:00 AM


How do you choose the right hardware and software for your video team?

So first thing to figure out is what is the goal of your video team? Are you creating social media content? Are you doing color correction? Are you doing work in 4k or doing post production work?

Once you know this you need to figure out what software does that so if you're going to be doing effects, you're probably gonna want to be using something like After Effects if you're going to be doing quick cuts probably Resolve or Premiere Pro and then you need to figure out what hardware will support that workflow.

So if you're doing work in 4k Raw and you're doing color correction. You're probably going to need a pretty beefy workstation. You're going to need some really fast storage and you're going to need a lot of storage to store all that media.


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