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Hardware and software (3)
Mike DangDec 5, 2019 9:00:00 AM2 min read

What do you want to do in the end?

So trying to figure out what hardware and software is right for your video team. The thing is most video teams already have something in place. If you're already an established video team or company. Usually you have something either running on either Adobe Premiere possibly Avid or DaVinci Resolve.

Let's say your brand-new and you're looking at what you need to get into video editing is you have to close the question.

What do you want to do in the end? The thing is what do you want out of this video? What's going to be the outcome here and what needs to be done?

So it really depends. Are you going to be color correcting you're going to be rendering effects or you just go purely edit and then just post something after you know, maybe it's an Instagram video or whatnot, you know marketing purposes.

So the major thing I see that's going to be playing a factor is going to be the hardware more than anything and there's going to be two major differences here.

We're going to be looking into PC users a Mac users. The thing is Mac users are going to be little bit more ease of use of those Mac machines a little bit cleaner different workflow. This is why most content creators are generally using a Mac. PCs are up to par as well. The thing is those are more customizable and a little bit more cost-effective.

The UI is going to be quite different except for the editing software. They're going to be more or less the same. So it really depends on usability and what you're going to be used to essentially in what is supplied depending.

Let's say you're a company that already has all the machines for what you have to do. But let's say you have a choice here. There's another factor in here that comes into play, are your editors going to be on laptops are going to be a desktops?

Most power users are going to be on a desktop because all the hardware that's built into desktop PCs or Macs. These can be little bit more powerful than what you can have in the laptop unless you're a mobile user and you want to work remotely and be on the go. A laptop might be for you but it really depends if you're just going to be editing not doing any effects whatnot.

You're going to be looking mostly at CPU, Power, RAM just the basics. If you're going to be doing anything else like, rendering After Effects and whatnot. You're going to need a little bit stronger GPU, so those are the major things are going to be looking into when purchasing hardware and software.