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Tips for choosing hardware and software for your team

by Nathaniel Cooper, on Dec 2, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Rolling out new software for your company can be overwhelming.  There are so many variables to consider


Cost - Scalability - Implementation - User Interface


So many factors can go into a successfully or failed software rollout.

Here are 3 quick tips to help figure out the right software for your team.


Tip #1 - Talk to at least 3 vendors before you fully decide on your needs.


This is an iterative process and depending on what the project is you don't know what to ask until you've had a few conversations.


Tip #2 - Define a phased rollout, with an MVP or Minimum Viable Phase.


Strip as much functionality as possible out of the MVP, then ask your team 'What else can we push to Phase 2?" about 30 more times.


Tip #3 - Deployment, then integration.  If possible, deploy a system

and keep integrating with other products for later phases.


There are about a million other tips that many of us could come up with,

but if you follow those you will help your team with any software decision.


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