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Mike DangApr 7, 2020 4:00:00 AM< 1 min read

10GbE Networking: Do you need it?

Upgrading your business to a 10GbE network can provide immediate value for your business, especially if you work with large media files. For some businesses  10GbE performance is more than they need for their daily tasks like accessing word and excel documents on a shared network, but they will still notice an improvement in performance.

So who should have a 10GbE network in their office?

Pretty much anyone that wants just a general faster workflow. 10G is just going to surpass anything at this point, other than like 25G or 100G but that's just expensive.

Anyone that can utilize any speed differences for large basic file transfer at that point can benefit from a 10GbE network. For video professionals, if want to send all your footage from your workstation when you get back from a shoot and throw it on your server, it's so much faster over 10GbE. On a 1G network you may wait much longer for file transfers. On a 10Gbe network, it'll be about one hour for like 500 gigs if that.