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Taylor HodgettsApr 8, 2020 4:00:00 AM1 min read

What you need to set up a 10GbE network

If your business is making the switch to a 10GbE network, you're headed in the right direction for improved file transfer performance speeds. To upgrade your network you'll have to make some changes to your infrastructure to support the network. Before you get started make sure you have these essential components.

The requirement is the actual adapters to reach 10G performance. You're going to need PCI cards, something that goes into a Thunderbolt enclosure.  If you're editing on a Mac you'll need Thunderbolt to 10GbE adapters. You're also going to need 10G switches and make sure that the server or other device that you're connecting to also supports 10G .

To get those two devices connected, you're going to need the proper cabling. If you're going with fiber you're going to need SFP modules. Depending on the distance you're going over you'll need short-range or long-range and then different types of fiber cabling to connect those devices.

For copper, you're going to need CAT6a or CAT7 cablings. For Macs, your gold standard is going to be a simple Sonnet twin 10G, with the Intel X550 chipset and that X550 can be purchased as a PCI card for PCs. Intel makes great cards. Another good company is Chelseio, they make fantastic 10G adapters, 25G, 100G, etc. and they're a little bit less pricey than the Intel cards.