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Why LTO will never go away as an archive option

by Nathaniel Cooper, on Jan 14, 2020 4:00:00 AM

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I often refer to LTO as the cockroach of data. I hate it so much and I love it so much at the same time and you know, it's like, how are we still using Magnetic Tape to back up data?

At the same time when I look at the performance of LTO and I look at the cost of LTO when I look at that you can put you know, 10 terabytes of data on a a single tape stick it on the shelf and it's still there in 20 years and you didn't pay a penny more after you bought that tape like there's some really compelling reasons to still use LTO.

It's almost like I always think that LTO is going to go away and then the next Generation comes out and it's like, oh man, there's 16 terabytes per tape on this one. Yeah, that's still makes sense.


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