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Brian ReisdorfMar 6, 2020 2:00:00 AM1 min read

What to do if your disaster recovery plan fails

Testing your disaster recovery plan is critical to make sure that your entire video team is prepared and on the same page in case of an accident that leads to data loss. But what should you do if test your disaster recovery plan and it fails?

Thankfully you're still going to learn something from a failure. You're probably going to learn more from a failure than a success quite honestly. Just because everything was successful doesn't necessarily mean that it was as efficient as it could have been or any number of things.

If your disaster recovery plan fails, start to dissect it. Do the postmortem and see what worked and what didn't and be realistic about it.  We often talk about tolerances.  If you have specific tolerances for your industry, your business or your work you have to be prepared to spend the money to hit those tolerances. So if you don't have the right equipment to maintain what you need in a failover plan. You have to be realistic about it.

It's easy to skimp on this stuff because it's not something that is happening every day. A lot of that equipment is stuff that will save you in that one day months or years from now or hopefully never it's an insurance policy, right? Nobody wants to cash in on the insurance policy.