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Matthew MisterJul 20, 2022 4:30:09 PM1 min read

What Specs are Required for Video Editing?

For a smooth video editing experience you’ll need a computer that is up for the job. Computers are built with a number of purposes in mind, each with its own unique specifications to handle the required tasks.

If you’re looking to buy a new video editing computer you may be wondering, what specs do I need for video editing? The biggest things to consider are your storage, RAM, GPU, and CPU. You’ll need a computer with drives that are large enough to store your files and provide fast read/write speeds for smooth playback as well as a minimum of 32GB RAM. You’ll want a discrete GPU and a CPU that meets the specs of the NLE you plan to use. 

These are the core components to consider when buying or building your editing computer and will make up the largest portion of your budget. 

Once you’ve made sure that your computer is capable of performing the main tasks of video editing you can add other features to improve your performance even further. 

So before you commit to a computer for video editing make sure that it has these core components and they are suitable for your specific needs.