What makes a great MAM interface?

by Nathaniel Cooper, on Nov 27, 2019 2:18:38 PM

A great interface design is extremely difficult to build and is as much an art as it is science.  User interface can often make the difference between user adoption and a failed system rollout.  A well designed interface reduces and can even eliminate the need for training.

So what does make a great interface for a Media Asset Management application?

Deep search without clutter.  Searching is one of the most important parts of any MAM, without search, a MAM is basically useless.  But there are layers to search.  Loads of options from "Contains" or "is" or "Does not contain" or "isn't" and so on.  A lot of interfaces also use hard dates vs rolling dates, this can make a big difference in finding the right media.  A clean interface with logical labeling of options is a must.

Video files that can be played back.  It seems simple, but it's usually not; but that is what a good product does right?  Makes the not simple things easy.  Playing back video media is critical, and a good MAM takes into account variety of different file formats and either creates tools to play those formats back or tools to automatically transcode those files to a playable format.  Either way, any search result of a video file should be playable regardless of file type or file location.

File location clarity.  Lastly, quickly and easily understanding where a file exists is a huge function within a MAM.  Know if media is immediately available, in a local archive or in the cloud is often the difference between usable and unusable.  Making this easy to visually interpret is a critical element of a great MAM interface.

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