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Nathaniel CooperOct 7, 2019 7:45:55 AM< 1 min read

What is iSCSI?

What is iSCSI and what is an iSCSI initiator?


iSCSI is a block level protocol similar to fibre channel, but it is designed to work over ethernet connections. An iSCSI initiator is the software that allows a workstation to connect to an iSCSI target, or storage.

iSCSI differs from Ethernet because as a block level protocol you have a direct connection between your OS and storage.


This means you can format storage over an iSCSI connection as a HFS or NTFS volume. This also means you can create a SAN with iSCSI. 


The reality is, this doesn't really happen anymore.


iSCSI is somewhat of a failed protocol.  Everyone using ethernet connections just uses standard ethernet protocols, because quite frankly ethernet got a lot faster than it used to be.


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