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What is better RAID 5 or RAID 6?

by Nathaniel Cooper, on Oct 14, 2019 12:18:31 PM

RAID5 tends to offer the fastest read and write performance, while maintaining a fairly strong raw to usable data percentage.  Usually ranging from 85-90% raw to usable.


RAID6 offers great read and write performance, and depending on your RAID controller, buffering and settings performance can be close to RAID5.  In some cases even beyond a RAID5.  However raw to usable capacity is slightly lower ranging from 75%-85%.


RAID5 allows for a single drive to fail without any data loss.  RAID6 allows for two drive failures without any data loss.


RAID5 rebuild times tend to be quite a bit faster, ranging from 50% to 200% faster, depending on capacity, RAID controller and the amount of data you have.


Neither is better or worse, but in generally RAID5 will give you a little more storage, performance and faster rebuilds and RAID6 will give you more data protection.


My personal favorite set up is a SSD based RAID6, it's maximizes performance, rebuild times and data protection.

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