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Mike DangMar 10, 2020 4:00:00 AM1 min read

What does video production workflow look like?

For a professional video team to be successful they need an easily repeatable workflow that spans all three stages of video production.

In pre-production is where you should be planning most of your shots. Here is when you are deciding if you're going to be interviewing people or just going out and shooting b-roll. There are many ways to get this done but the basic idea here would be just to plan out your shoot. Questions to ask here are:

  1. What do we need to shoot?
  2. How much are we shooting?
  3. Where are we shooting?
  4. Who needs to be involved?
  5. What equipment do we need?

Once you're in production knowing what kind of cameras, microphones and lighting you are going to be using is critical to a smooth shoot. Planning ahead of time can save lots of time and headaches.

After shooting is done and you wrap up production is when the final stage starts. When you get back to your office or house, you're going to be ingesting all your video files. Plan ahead where you going to be storing everything. What kind of computer you’re going to be using who's going to be doing what and plan that out to because you have to know what your end process and what your end goal is going to be too.