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Taylor HodgettsNov 26, 2019 1:57:22 PM1 min read

What can you do to increase Video Rendering speed?

There are a great variety of methods you can use to reduce render times for media. The first and most obvious way is upgrade your hardware.

Depending on the specific software you are using to render video and it's GPU offloading capabilities you are going to either want to upgrade your GPU or CPU. If your render software does not support or benefit from GPU hardware acceleration you will want to focus on upgrading your CPU.  A dual processor motherboard is a good start, followed by finding the processor supported by that motherboard with the most CPU cores and highest clock speed.

Increasing your system memory will also help, as the more RAM you have the less often the workstation will need to offload data to the system paging file on the slower disk storage. Now obviously this is the most expensive way to go about increasing your render speeds.

Another option is to utilize multiple workstations for the same render as opposed to upgrading one workstation. Network render farms have been in use since the early days of 3d animation and rendering, and video effects processing. With a little bit of reading and scripting, you can configure multiple workstations on the same network to render out the same project pooling their resources.

One option that may not increase render speed, but can increase overall productivity, is to simply offload the render operation from your editing system to another server or workstation on the network. This allows the render to happen while the main editing workstation is free to continue working on other projects.

All of the previous options require purchasing additional hardware or the use of additional hardware besides your editing workstation, if you do not have access to either of these you still have some options for trying to increase your render speed. All it takes is research, every render software is different, and they all have their own quirks and tricks you can use to speed up the render process.