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Unexpected Loss Of Backup Data

by Nathaniel Cooper, on Jul 26, 2019 10:07:00 AM


My wife she's eight and a half months pregnant. It's Tuesday morning. Got a big call. She's locked out of the house. It was not the big call I was expecting. So why is she locked out of the house? Watch the end of the video and you'll see exactly why.

Well here's the reality. We've got a backup. We've got a spare key hidden. I can't tell you where, but a spare key hidden so in the case of emergency we can still get in the house. Unfortunately for myself who is driving home right now to let her in, she can't find our backup key. 

How often has this happened to you guys? How often have I seen this with with customers, where just because something is backed up doesn't mean you can find it.

So this is really where organization, asset management and communication with your other team members really does matter because just having something backed up unfortunately is not always enough. Sometimes you still get pulled out of work to go let your wife in.

So if you have lost the backup you have, what would you do?

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