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ProMax Work Priorities Ideas: Wants vs. Needs

by Nathaniel Cooper, on Jul 29, 2019 10:27:00 AM


Experience is so critical in knowing how to prioritize right!

My wife and I are about to have our second kid and we are very excited. You'll be hearing about it here. But I remember when we had our first daughter and we did so much prep for her room only to have her spend her first six months in a bassinet in our room. I had no idea. My wife apparently knew but I didn't. But we spent all this time prepping her room and she didn't even stay in it for six months.

Meanwhile when our daughter was born it was around September. So by the time the holidays rolled around we had done no planning or prep, we had no tickets and we missed the holidays that year. This time around with our experience we're doing this a little bit smarter. We have not prioritized getting our son's room together so it's not totally done yet which is fine. Look he's going to stay in our room for the first six months right?

We know that because of our experience. Because of that though we actually booked our tickets to go see our family last night. So four months ahead of the holidays before our baby is born We're buying we're prepping.

That's experience and I see customers do this all the time. I see people that prioritize things that are external, cool and fun but you have to ask yourself with technology:

  1. How is this how is this improving us?
  2. How is this protecting us?
  3. How is this making us more efficient or is it just fun? 

Fun is not bad! Don't get me wrong I love fun stuff. I want the new Mac Pro I do. It's awesome. But how is that actually going to improve your company? How's that going to make you faster? How is that going to make you able to put out more high quality content?

Maybe it will maybe it won't. But you've got to look and analyze those things and that's where experience really helps.

So where in your company, where in your technology are you prepping a room for a baby that's not going to sleep in it versus buying tickets that you know you're going to need? Where where are you spending time where you need to versus spending time where you want to but not necessarily need to?

That could be time, money, effort, energy it could be a lot of things. But think about where you're prioritizing that time and talk to people that have been there that have made those decisions so that you can help yourself make the best decisions.

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