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The Top 5 Digital Asset Management Systems of 2022

by Matthew Mister, on Jun 16, 2022 2:57:15 PM


Businesses around the world manage large volumes of digital assets. To make this task much more efficient they need a system to organize these files. So what are digital asset management examples?  Some great examples of digital asset management software include services like:

  1.  MediaValet 
  2.  Brandfolder. 
  3. Bynder
  4. Eagle
  5. MediaBeacon

These tools allow marketing teams to create a central database to organize and access their digital assets. 

You’ll need to consider your needs when picking a digital asset management system. Compare what features the system offers and how easy it is to use. Some questions to ask yourself should include:

  1. What problem do we need this digital asset management system to solve for us?
  2. Is the UI clear and intuitive?
  3. How long will it take my team to learn the system?
  4. Does it have all the features my team needs?
  5. Will this integrate with the tools we are already using?

Once you’ve answered those questions you can begin exploring some options. For marketing teams that need to simply organize files. Solutions like MediaValet, Bynder, or Brandfolder allow users to quickly search for files using a series of filters.

For creative teams that need to collaborate on creating their own video assets, digital asset management systems like ProMAX Platform are an excellent option. These tools enable creatives to access and share the files they need to complete projects efficiently.

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