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Brian ReisdorfJan 20, 2020 4:00:00 AM1 min read

The ideal backup scenario for a video production team

My ideal scenario for a small production team that has access to both LTO and cloud. When new footage comes in you ingest like five terabytes from a shoot that new footage immediately goes on to LTO goes on your big storage. It immediately goes on to LTO.

If you have the budget to put it onto the cloud you can start an upload to put it on the cloud. But once you get it to an LTO tape preferably two you're in good shape you then create the project you start. working on the project. Everything that's not footage should be tagged to be going to the cloud on a daily basis. If not, potentially an hourly basis, you know the way that the cloud uploads work. It's all incremental. It's only going to upload the stuff that is changing over time.

So once the initial upload is done, you know, you're really not talking about a lot of data, but that scenario right there. Oh, and then the one last thing is when the project is done again, if you have a budget you can send whole thing to the cloud, but once the entire project is done, then it gets wrapped up on another LTO with the raw footage.

So now you've got a singular point where all of that data lives and that goes on the shelf and you can make one or two copies of that. However, you know you decide to do that, but that gives you the absolute most flexibility and coverage with the least amount of hassle and expenditure. Now, you just you do have to have access to an LTO drive and obviously cloud provider and you are going to pay some monthly fees for that, but that's that's probably the best of both worlds in those scenarios.