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Server vs Storage: What’s the Difference?

by Matthew Mister, on Jun 21, 2022 10:57:02 AM

Server Vs Storage

When you start exploring storage solutions you’ll encounter different types of options. The two that may cause the most confusion is storage and servers because they seem very similar.

What is a server vs storage? A server is a computer that serves files to multiple clients on a network. On the other hand storage is a device where you store data to access when you need it. Servers and storage can be part of the same system. Files are saved on storage for long-term access. When a user on the network requests a specific file, the server retrieves and delivers that file to the user.


Server vs storage

Servers come in the form of a computer that is connected to a network. Each user who accesses the server will connect to it and request files as they need them. Storage comes in the form of drives. Files that you need long term should be saved on hard drives (HDD) or solid state drives (SSD). For data you only need short term, the RAM on your computer will do the trick.

To wrap this all up, a server is a computer for processing file requests and storage is where data is saved for long-term accessibility. 

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