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Jody SappingtonSep 2, 2022 9:00:00 AM3 min read

Is Synology a good brand?

If you're reading this article, chances are you've decided to set up a NAS. A NAS is a device that can connect to your home network and store files locally while also providing an easy way to access them from other devices like laptops, phones, or tablets. You might want one because it's more convenient than having an external hard drive sitting around or because you want to make sure your documents are safe and accessible if something happens to one of your computers. We talk more about the QNAP vs Synology debate here.

Synology is a high-quality, professional brand that has been in the NAS game for longer than other brands. 

Synology began as a Taiwanese company in 2001 and has since grown to become one of the most popular NAS brands around. In terms of longevity and popularity, Synology beats out all other brands in this field by a mile. 

A NAS is a storage device that connects to a network and contains hard drives that expand your storage space on multiple machines. 

A NAS is a network-attached storage device, which means it can connect to your home's internet and data network. A NAS contains hard drives that expand your storage space on multiple machines, allowing you to access them from any device on the network. 

There are many different uses for a NAS in your home. You may use it as backup storage for all of your important files or media files that need to be accessed regularly by multiple people in the household. You might also use it as an extension of one computer’s drive space, providing extra memory for video editing or other intensive tasks. 

Synology NAS can hold more, but it is also usually much more expensive than other brands. 

Synology NAS are generally more expensive than other brands, but their higher price tag is worth it for many people. As we've said, Synology NAS can hold much more data than other brands of hard drives. But there's another reason why Synology NAS are so popular: they're really easy to use. 

More is not necessarily better with a NAS. You should consider your computing and storage needs before buying a new NAS. 

Consider what you need a NAS for, and the amount of storage you plan to use. If you're purchasing a NAS for your home office, it's likely that the storage space is not that important. In that case, we would recommend looking at other brands such as QNAP or Western Digital; they make some excellent storage solutions as well. On the other hand, if you have an extensive media collection or run an online business with multiple employees who share large files on a regular basis, then Synology may be more suited for your needs. 

A high-quality brand like Synology means that its products are built with better components than what other companies offer. This means they will last longer and perform better over time than lower-cost models from competitors such as QNAP or Western Digital (WD). It also means they can hold more data than most people could ever fill up their hard drives within their lifetime! 

Synology NAS systems are great for people who need lots of storage and video editing capabilities. 

Synology also offers lots of add-ons, including new apps that you can download to expand your system's functionality. These functions make it a good choice for companies or organizations with specialized needs, such as education or health care. However, this comes at a cost; Synology NAS can hold more, but it is also usually much more expensive than other brands. 


In conclusion, if you need a lot of storage and video editing capabilities, then a Synology NAS is a great choice for you. If not, there are other brands out there that will still meet your needs at a lower price point.