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asset management systems comparison
Jody SappingtonSep 15, 2022 1:07:27 PM8 min read

Best Asset Management Systems - Top 5 Comparison & Bonus


Nowadays, more assets than ever before are managed and tracked by enterprises. With the rise of mobile devices in the office, more sophisticated cloud technologies, licensed-based software, and more regular upgrades, asset data management, and monitoring have become much difficult. Underutilized, mishandled, or mismanaged assets may significantly impact a company's bottom line. And this is where asset management software comes in, to assist firms in increasing asset visibility and efficiently managing equipment to guarantee optimal usage while lowering IT and software expenditures.

However, if you're unaware of the best Asset Management System, you've come to the right spot to find a solution. In this article, you'll discover what an asset management system is, along with some of the finest asset management systems in 2022. Let's get going!

What Defines Asset Management System?

Asset management software is intended to assist your firm in reducing its expenditures on acquiring, maintaining, and operating assets. You want to operate at peak performance, so you must maintain expenses under control, production quality at an acceptable level or greater, and maximized returns.

GPS and RFID tracking should be possible with your software asset management. Don't forget to monitor the cars your firm owns and utilizes regularly and the equipment inside. In addition to your workplace furniture, IT equipment and software are required. You will not be able to handle every part of your assets if your program cannot monitor all of these things.

Furthermore, it ensures that assets are utilized appropriately and effectively, allowing managers to monitor asset's overall performance. It allows you to avoid any extra charges incurred due to unplanned downtime.

How Does An Asset Management System Work?

The right asset management software can assist you in gathering and analyzing your assets' data to make educated choices. Consider the prior laptop scenario. Your organization buys two laptops with the same capabilities but from different manufacturers.

They are updated and maintained concurrently. On the other hand, Brand A stops performing correctly after 6 months, but Brand B continues to work until it is outdated. You may compare the cost advantages of purchasing various manufacturers from procurement to disposal by recording every aspect of these laptops in your asset management system.

You should also verify that your asset maintenance system can be used across the organization in various departments, locations, and facilities. Everyone is using the same application and has real-time data access. This may help you save money on capital and running expenses.

5 Best Tools for Asset Management

In the past, asset management used to be done by hand using a pen and paper. This took time and could be quite wrong in many circumstances. Fortunately, many asset management software solutions are available today that are meant to simplify the whole process. Some of the best asset management tools are:

1.     AssetExplorer


AssetExplorer is a web-based system with many tools and capabilities for managing all aspects of assets, such as inventory management, software licensing administration, compliance assessment, and more. AssetExplorer's feature-rich toolset may seem intimidating to firms new to digital asset management. However, starting with its 30-day free trial may lessen the learning curve. The overwhelming number of tabs and drop-down options might make the arrangement look intimidating. It features an amazing Quick Links tool to help you keep focused on the job.

It also helps that the interface has a Windows-like appearance and feel. Adding devices might sometimes be intimidating owing to the overwhelming quantity of options. However, the Windows Agent Configuration streamlines the procedure when installing Windows Agents on new devices.

With its reporting functionality, this asset manager's mature technology shows through. Aside from a few dozen pre-built reports, the system can export reports in numerous formats, including all previous searches. You may also quickly develop reports that are unique to you. Reports may be scheduled for email transmission to particular recipients in addition to running. Moreover, it allows you to monitor how your asset performs with time.

2.     Sortly


Sortly is a smart and efficient method to manage and monitor your company's assets. The asset management solution is intended for use by organizations of all sizes, giving them the freedom to configure their system to best match their requirements. It is a good solution for firms that wish to track assets because of its capacity to collect and monitor every element of an item, from its purchase date and price to its present position and condition.

Sortly is the asset audit management software for you if you want to simplify a difficult process and have greater control over your company's assets. Sortly's features make it feasible to tag all of your assets. This means you may arrange all of your merchandise as you like. Using this technique allows you to focus on the specifics of your inventory, making it much simpler to keep track of what you have on hand.

Using this asset manager, you may obtain Receive low-stock notifications and reminders when products are due. It allows you to search for and update goods by scanning barcodes or QR codes. Furthermore, it possesses the ability to conduct fixed asset audit.

3.     Ivanti Asset Management


There are various reasons why the feature-rich Ivanti Asset Management Suite is appealing. However, its reporting functionality stands out for companies wishing to highlight significant data points swiftly. With many pre-built reports and the ability to create new queries, Ivanti Asset Management is our pick for the best custom reporting AMS.

Ivanti provides everything a company needs to monitor and manage IT assets properly and effectively throughout its lifespan, including asset identification, maintenance management, financial management, risk management, software compliance, property management, fleet management, practice management, and license management. Although Ivanti may access mobile and desktop workspaces, it does not provide a cloud-based service, requiring a more complicated installation with minimal hardware requirements. Businesses that maintain an on-site installation benefit from quicker asset identification and report development. As previously said, the reports produce information fast, even after modifying searches to access additional data.

Ivanti also provides a free Asset Management Suite trial. However, since the trial program must be installed on a local server, you must ensure that your workstations match the minimal hardware requirements. A membership to Ivanti gives access to technical assistance, which includes phone help, a web portal, and online self-service.

4.     Freshservice


Freshservice is one of the most widely used asset management systems in the whole globe, and for a variety of different reasons, it has earned the top spot on our list of the best solutions in this category. To begin, both the installation and the actual usage of it are quite simple processes. Because of this, it is an excellent option for those who do not have much extra time to devote to asset management.

Freshservice, on the other hand, provides you with supplementary features that might assist you in streamlining routine procedures. Tracking, in-depth reporting, and lifecycle management are all features supported by its asset management solutions. In addition, it comes standard with a full set of inventory management features that may assist you in keeping track of stock levels and ensuring that you are always up to current.

In addition, Freshservice includes tools for handling issue management, software licenses, and projects, among other things. Thanks to a company development plan that incorporates asset management, it provides solutions for organizations of any size at competitive prices.

5.     ServiceNow ITSM


ServiceNow ITSM is an effective application for managing IT assets that were developed for enterprises of medium to big size. It has been a popular choice all over the globe since it is equipped with a comprehensive collection of features in addition to its typical asset management capabilities.

You can always keep track of and keep an eye on your complete IT system with the help of the asset management solutions provided by ServiceNow ITSM. You will be alerted as soon as any equipment or gadgets malfunction or stop operating as they should, allowing you to get everything back up and running as quickly as possible.

In addition, this asset management suite will monitor the operation of your information technology systems and use the data it collects to provide thorough reports. You will be able to easily diagnose and fix issues, which is a step toward streamlining the IT operations of your company. This will help you save time and money.

[BONUS] ProMAX Platform – The Best Asset Management System Solution!

If the above tools do not satisfy your requirements, you must wish to find the best alternative to these tools. In this situation, we can't think of any tools better than the ProMAX Platform. Although Platform boasts the greatest performance available on the market, claims alone are not sufficient. Real-time performance monitoring allows you to observe what's happening, including instances where a new employee can inadvertently be working in full resolution 4K DPX. In addition, a P4000 GPU is used to outsource the proxy creation process for improved overall performance. It makes it simple for you to keep track of your assets.

You will have direct access to all of your digital asset, project management as well as any shared projects. You should stop waiting to produce and start pushing material back and forth in real-time. In addition, this asset management platform has your back, whether you need the data for your whole facility backed up or simply a single key project.

The Platform automatically builds proxies of all files, including ProRes and AVC, allowing you to finally see that "A011 C003 080213.r3d" file before spending an hour downloading it from the cloud. This ensures the protection of your assets while they are held on the ProMAX Platform. Whether it be compliance with security standards or interacting with a number of different domains, Platform is exceptional in maintaining the happiness of both creative and IT teams.


Since managing your assets by pen and paper was hectic, the introduction of asset management tools has made life easier for businesses. And we hope that you've found the best Asset Management System after reading this article. Moreover, we recommend using the ProMAX Platform for managing your assets because of the encryption it provides.