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Matthew MisterJul 26, 2022 2:29:28 PM< 1 min read

Is a NAS Just a Server?

Buying a server can be confusing with the variety of options available. You’ve probably seen a number of acronyms like SQL, NAS, and SAN that just add to the confusion. In this article we are going to focus on NAS also known as Network Attached Storage. 

Let’s tackle a common question. Is a NAS just a server? Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a file server that allows users to access files from a shared database across a network. The NAS device acts as the central database that serves files as users on the network request them.

NAS is just one of many different types of servers available on the market today. Common uses of a NAS server include businesses that need to share files with multiple users. While this may sound like a device only large enterprises can utilize, businesses of all sizes can benefit from using a NAS server.