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Matthew MisterJun 30, 2022 2:59:31 PM1 min read

How to Send Video Larger than 500mb


Sending media files can present some challenges depending on how large the file is. Images are fairly small with an average size between 1-2MB. On the other hand video files can be several gigabytes or more in size. If you are trying to email a video you’ll quickly see that it exceeds the size limit set by your email provider which is typically around 25MB. 

Are you having issues sharing large video files? You might be asking yourself, how can I send a video larger than 500mb? For starters, you’ll never be able to email a video file of that size. The best methods to send large video files are going to utilize the cloud or file transfer software like Dropbox or Google Drive. Once you have your file stored on one of these systems you can then send a link to whoever you want to access that video.

Another option for sending large video files is a sync software like SyncThing. This software creates a peer-to-peer network which allows computers to sync files with one another. There is no data cap on this type of solution, your only limiting factor is the speed of your internet connection.