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Matthew MisterOct 4, 2019 2:07:55 PM1 min read

How to Install and Configure RAID Drives on your PC

You bought a RAID system and want to connect it to your PC. So how do you do that? Follow these steps and you'll be well on your way to success.

If you are connecting your RAID to your current machine, create a backup of all your data. There is a chance that your data could be erased in the process. On two seperate drives download the RAID drivers for your machine. On the second drive download the Windows ISO.

The first you want to do is check and see if your motherboard has a built in RAID controller. If it does, connect the drives you plan to use and boot up your machine.

Locate the chipset screen and navigate to SATA Mode and select RAID. Once that is initialized, hit Save & Exit. Your PC will restart, press and hold CTRL + R to open the RAID controller interface.

Select Create Array and select the drives you will be using for the RAID configuration. These drives will be listed as Disks. Use A or Ins keys to select the drives, once you are done configuring the disks hit Enter.

Once you have completed these steps, select the RAID configuration you would like to create.  You will the be asked the size of array you want to build. After configuration, click C to create your array and then Esc + Y to restart your system with the new RAID configuration installed.

After the reboot is complete, navigate to your BIOS and select your RAID as the boot disk. Save & Exit and your machine will restart again. Upon reboot you should receive a driver error, plug in the flash drive with your RAID drivers and Windows ISO. Navigate to the folder where the driver is storage and hit OK.

Select the drivers you need for installation and click next. You will be prompted to select the drive you want to install. You'll get another prompt to select the drive you want to install your OS on and select Next again.

This will begin your OS install. Once that is done you should be completely set up with your RAID configuration.