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Matthew MisterOct 4, 2019 1:04:34 PM< 1 min read

How to Guide: Checking if a RAID is configured

Setting up a RAID but not sure if you did it correctly? Here is a quick guide to checking whether or not it is configured.
  1. Rick click on the "computer" icon on the desktop 
  2. Select Manage
  3. Expand Storage
  4. Click Disk Management
  5. In the bottom center pane you'll see different Disk numbers
  6. Under the Disk number you'll see either Basic or Dynamic

If your disks all say Basic then you either don't have any RAID arrays configured or you are using a hardware RAID.

If you are using a software RAID you'll see the word Dynamic and each drive letter will be the same on multiple drives.

Your other option for checking this is:

  1. Rick click on the "computer" icon on the desktop or in the Start Menu
  2. Select Manage
  3. Expand Diagnostics
  4. Click on Device Manager
  5. Expand Disk Drives (in the middle pane)

If you see drives that have a manufacturer and model number in the name then the RAID is not configured.

If you see drives named like that have a RAID manufacturer name or have words like "Virtual Disk" or "SCSI Disk Device" you have successfully configured your RAID.