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hand on laptop in the top image and below is the lsi motherboard
Matthew MisterNov 20, 2019 9:00:00 AM3 min read

Helpful Tips In Buying Disk Storage

So recently I had someone ask me. How do I buy disk storage in 2019?

And that's a really cool question because there's a bunch of different angles you can take on that. You can take the technology perspective where you're looking at SSDs versus standard hard drives which one's more effective which one's more cost-effective.

You can look at it from a procurement angle of "Do I go through a vendor? Do I go directly from the manufacturer or go through Amazon?"

So what I want to do is I want to take this and answer it from a buyer's perspective.

Buy Disk Storage: ProMAX vs. Competitors

I'm going to show you guys how to buy disk storage on a couple different sites. Two of them are going to be competitors of us and one of the the other side is going to be the ProMAX site.

So we're going to start out here. This is one of our competitors. They got a great product. They're good company so you go onto their site and click how to buy so it's going to take you to their contact page and there's a couple different options here.

You can fill out a form then the contact you you can give them a call you can go to and try to buy one of their systems there or you can go build and price they do have a configurator. It's going to ask you several questions then it is going to spit out what they think you need based off of what you put in there.

So then we go to the second company again another great another great company with another with another good product. Up in the corner you're going to see "how to buy" again.

This takes you to the product page you're going to scroll through it. You're going to see the different features they have and it's going to stop. The first thing you're going to see is a 16 bay server.

Remember this price here. I'm just going to show you a brief comparison in a couple minutes on the ProMAX site. Also remember that these are 16 4TB standard hard drives.

So you get to the bottom here and you want to build your system. You're going to click it thinking you're going to get to build a system, but instead you're filling out a form they're going to contact you and they're going to try to get you to sign up for a demo.

So now let's go over to the ProMAX site and show you how to buy disk storage through us.

So on our homepage, there's pricing up the top you're going to click.

You're going to see are three different server options each one of those has a link to build & price under it and it's going to take you to our pricing calculator.

So on the left here we have our calculator you just click and it automatically calculates what your what Your cost is going to be and then over here.

We have some descriptions of the different choices you have for our different software suites.

so you can click through those to see the different software that's included in those.

So let's spec out a system real fast. So remember the 16 Bay on the last site, let's build something that's exactly the same.

So we're going to do a 16 Bay 16-core the complete workflow Suite which is the same type of software that's going to be on their system and let's do 4 terabyte. SSDs instead of standard hard drives though.

So 16 of those and  you’re looking at you're looking at considerably less than on the last site when you're done with that fill in your email and we'll send you your quote.

We're not going to call you and harass you. We're just going to see if there's anything we can do to help you. If you're not ready to have a conversation, that's fine.

So that's how you buy disk storage online and 2019.

So when you're looking at different vendors check out their sites, we believe in Fair and transparent pricing so we put everything right there for you to see and allow you to build your own system right there so you can compare systems.

Hope you found this helpful. Have a great day.