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ProMAX AdministratorApr 9, 2015 6:02:55 AM< 1 min read

Pro-Cache6 Keeps Editorial Assets Fluid and Protected at Territory Post

Territory Post is a creative editorial, motion graphics, finishing and sound design boutique that produces TV spots, corporate films and web content for Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, Fiat, Jeep and Toyota, as well as JBL, The University Of Michigan, and even the US Navy. The task of keeping all the creative assets secure for these productions falls to Cache-A’s Pro-Cache6 LTFS LTO-6 archive appliance.

“We have developed a very concise and efficient workflow in-house, so that when a project is finished, it is all in one place on our central shared storage,” says Greg Gabry, operations manager at Territory.

Whoever is tasked with archiving a project need only go to one location to find everything they need to archive the entire project. Thanks to Cache-A, and the Pro-Cache6, archiving is literally no more than a “drag and drop” process, and that’s pretty darn cool.”