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ProMAX Administrator Apr 9, 2015 6:04:14 AM 1 min read

Cache-A Moves Friday Productions from Disc to Tape Archive Solution

“When content is king, a good archiving system needs to be a fortress to keep data safe and secure for decades to come.” With that in mind, Brighton, U.K.-based Friday Productions moved from a less-than-perfect disc-based system to a Pro-Cache digital tape-based archive solution.”
- Emma Smith, Managing Director, Friday Productions.

Friday Productions was growing rapidly and had amassed a great deal of content on external hard drives, which was proving to be a very costly method of archiving. The group specializes in action sports and lifestyle programming, covering such events as snowboarding, surfing and cycling, with sponsors such as Red Bull, Oakley, Burton Snowboards and the International Cycling Federation. “It just wasn’t an option to keep expanding our fast storage. We lost some data – thankfully nothing too important – but we couldn’t continue to risk it,” said Emma Smith, Managing Director.

The recommended solution was the Cache-A Pro-Cache4 Archive Appliance, which stores 800GB of content on a single, secure and inexpensive data tape. This solution provided the security of writing to digital tape combined with writing to an open format. The Friday team is able to access any part of a program on tape as required. “Cache-A uses tar, a standard non-proprietary tape format, so the content is just as accessible as it would be on a disc. The Cache-A solution has saved us money and space,” she said, “but most importantly, it’s given us and our clients the peace of mind that our archive content is stored securely on a long-term archive medium.”