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ProMAX AdministratorJul 9, 2019 2:55:02 PM< 1 min read

Powering up with ProMAX ONE for 4K Workflows

The production partnership between Post Production Supervisor, Alan Cohen, and 11 time Emmy Award-winner, Rob Macey, produces films, commercials, reality programming and episodic television. Shooting with a RED Epic has kept this team at the forefront of 4K content production since earning recognition as a top 10 Finalist in Light Iron Post’s RED User 4K Portrait competition with their short film, “Mars”. Alan had been holding on to an old Mac pro, updating it intermittently as productions required but he had finally gotten to the point that he refused to buy a new Mac pro. The partners were discussing their pipeline dilemma, and admitted that, “We might have to go PC.” Now Nothing Film’s 4K workflow is powered by a ProMAX ONE Hero, with 24TB internal RAID, a PNY Quadro K5000 card and a RED Rocket card. “This system is smoking fast!” Alan shares.