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ProMAX AdministratorJul 9, 2019 2:49:21 PM< 1 min read

ONE Workstation on Location with RED & Resolve

Lizzio Productions is well-known for providing high quality content for productions ranging from Network Television, Commercials, EPKs, and weekly coverage for the NFL Network. Director of Photography, John Lizzio’s camera of choice is his RED Epic, and working in 4K is his comfort zone. As a go-to D.P. for location shooting, he wanted to expand his services to include editorial and color correction offerings. Lizzio investigated the options and chose the ProMAX ONE Hero workstation with 64GB’s of RAM to expand his tool box.  In addition, to run DaVinci Resolve, ProMAX installed a GTX 850, a Quadro 4000 Graphics Card, and 18TB’s of internal RAID protected storage for 4K workflows. Lizzio calls it “A pretty rocking system,” referring both to its performance and to how he has integrated the ONE into a customized cart that he takes on location.