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CMS vs DAM: What’s the Difference?

by Matthew Mister, on Jun 16, 2022 3:12:13 PM

When it comes to dealing with digital assets there’s an alphabet soup of different systems out there. Trying to tell the difference between them all can be confusing. Two common solutions you’ll hear mentioned are CMS and DAM. 

What is the difference between CMS and DAM? Content Management Systems (CMS) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) are designed to manage digital assets but in two very different ways. A CMS is what you would use to design and build a website. DAM on the other hand is a central database where you organize and store digital assets for later use.

Examples of a CMS include systems like HubSpot, WordPress, or Wix. These software solutions allow users to use content they already own to design their own website. CMS systems help businesses that don’t have a custom-coded website create attractive web experiences for their site visitors.

Digital Asset Management is a means of storing and organizing digital files they already have. These are best used by organizations that need multiple people to be able to access a central database and easily find the files they need.

While a project could utilize both CMS and DAM solutions it must be noted that they serve completely different purposes.

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