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Mike DangJan 9, 2020 2:15:04 PM1 min read

Cloud vs Local Storage: Which is better for video?

How do you decide whether to use the Cloud instead of a local storage system for your video team?

There's positives and negatives of both however they share a few characteristics. Cloud editing is nice to have as your project files and footage can be housed in the cloud. You can take your work to go or move from workstation to workstation. If you need to pick up from a large workstation that's not movable and then pick back up with a laptop to be on-the-go, cloud editing is the way to go.

With Local Storage, the footage is directly accessible without having any hoops to go through. The requirement is that you must have enough space on the workstation to be able to house your footage and that might not always be the case. If you were to move from machine to machine, you would need to transfer the project and files from one computer to the next in order to keep working.

Now to return to the cloud editing experience. It's nice to have your work go wherever you like, however you will be dependent on your internet connection and that you will need to download the project and files from the cloud and still have to house your data on the workstation of your choice. As much as it is convenient to have the access of data anywhere you go, there are more steps involved in order to keep your work moving forward with this workflow. The larger the files, the longer this workflow would take as the data would take a much longer time to download from the internet. If you have proxies already created, this would not be so much of an issue but this is also yet another step to add in the workflow to take time and process all the files ingested to make cloud downloads faster.

In the end, it is really dependent on the type of workflow and the type of footage that is to be worked with. Cloud is convenient to have the availability however the amount of work involved may not be the best to go with if you are a powerhouse editor.