Benefits of Cloud Storage for Video Professionals

by Brian Reisdorf, on Apr 14, 2020 4:00:00 AM

Cloud storage is a great way for video professionals to store their video files offsite for backup and archive. Teams who integrate cloud storage into their workflow can benefit is a number of ways. 

The big benefit is it's another very quick, very accessible, backup or archive point that if you're connected to the internet literally who isn't outside of it's like a handful of…I love this term “air-gapped” editing stations. Unless you're on an air gap editing station. How many of us are really connected you can do a lot with that and it's a great level of security and you don't have to deal with LTO. You don't have to deal with external drives and you can access it from anywhere assuming that you've got the information at hand.

In a weird way, it takes the physicality out of the back up because now it's effectively virtual you can pull it down just about wherever you're at, which is not something that our world is used to when it comes to mass data handling. It's kind of like I've got the tape or I've got the hard drive should I UPS or FedEx? Like what do you prefer? 

Cloud can fit lots of different parts of a traditional workflow. Let's say you just did a bunch of shots and everyone's swapping hard drives. Well, that's a great point to, if you can, start ingesting that raw stuff to the cloud now right away.  Maybe now it's sitting back in your asset manager and it's already starting to make proxies for you. So that's a nice entry point for cloud, but primarily I think most people are using it for active archive. If you can slip stream it into your regular workflow. It's making another copy. Maybe it's even an extra copy on top of LTO that you already have. Well now you have that peace of mind of having an extra copy.

If everything goes down you have that entire content archive available from outside your home studio environment, but what's really exciting is that ProMAX especially has been exploring how to really tightly integrate cloud and physical hardware even for remote collaboration, and that's really really interesting. That's a nice cutting edge work.

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