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cloud storage for video teams
Brian ReisdorfApr 14, 2020 4:00:00 AM7 min read

Benefits of Cloud Storage for Video Professionals

Cloud storage is a way of storing videos with your preferred quality to be accessed remotely from anywhere, anytime. Owing to the many benefits of cloud storage, it has quickly become the primary source of storage for many individuals and companies.

Integrating cloud storage into the business has a very positive impact. You can have authorized personnel accessing the content without the hassle of coming down physically and handing it over in a physical storage material like a hard drive. Dropbox and Google Drive are the two majorly used interfaces for cloud storage, and they have proved to be very compatible and easy to share.

When considering cloud storage, one thing to focus on is the availability of good bandwidth for your internet connection. Every upload and download is best done with a fast internet connection. Cloud storage takes away the need of having a flash drive or any physical storage drive for that matter to be carried around with you. 

It is a great relief as they can go missing or sometimes can have technical issues where the whole memory can get wiped out. Technical errors are also so widespread when it comes to external devices. Instead, you can use easily accessible cloud storage anytime from anywhere, and you do not have to worry about your essential information going missing without a trace.

What are the benefits of your videos in Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage allows users to share and view files securely without requiring access to their local storage systems. It offers several benefits over traditional storage solutions. Teams who integrate cloud storage into their workflow can benefit in several ways.

Cloud storage, as the name implies, makes use of remote servers. These servers are typically managed and run by third-party service providers and located in a different geographical region than yours. You’ll be able to subscribe to the services on a pay-as-you-go (PayU) basis, and you’ll be able to easily upgrade or downgrade functionality, space, and other specifications as required. Furthermore, there are no hassles of setting up anything because everything is already done for you.

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One of the most significant benefits is that it provides quick, direct, and easy access to all of the shared files as long as you’re connected to the internet. No additional software or hardware is required! In fact, cloud storage comes handy in almost all avenues of the video production workflow.

Listed below are some other significant cloud storage benefits:

  1. Say Goodbye to Physical Storage Devices - The significant benefit of having cloud storage is that you can finally stop using physical storage devices that cost so much money to buy. You have to be careful not to lose them while you are carrying them around. Cloud storage will have you covered as everything is online, and you can access it with your login credentials. 
  2. Optimizes cooperation - Cloud storage can give you access to the data you require from anywhere in the world. It is also easy for anybody to grant permission to access it, making it way easier to exchange data. This way, you can save money and energy, and your clients and coworkers get access within minutes of granting permission to access your public content.
  3. Cloud storage saves costs - A cloud-hosted storage space is much cheaper than buying and keeping track of all your storage devices. Cloud storages like Promax come at affordable rates. Some providers also allow free storage. Having cloud storage can help you save money and also help you optimize your everyday work. Try backing up all your data to the cloud storage, and you are good to go anywhere, and you can access it with just one login. 
  4. There is no data redundancy - Data redundancy has become much more feasible now more than ever. With more businesses willing to buy cloud storage, many business sectors have seen a decline in the storage of the same material. Companies are also able to recover the data if lost with the help of cloud storage tools. Collection and archiving of important documents have thus been made possible, along with critical databases and other miscellaneous items. 
  5. It is easy to access from anywhere - There is no need for dedicated workstations or being physically present in the office to access files stored on the cloud. Most cloud service providers offer a simple web interface and mobile apps. All you need is an active internet connection to access shared files and folders.
  6. Automated backups and data recovery - Most cloud providers allow you to automate backups of your data and store copies of your data in secured data warehouses to ensure you have access to them in case of a cyberattack or system failure.
  7. Lowered overheads - Compared to other storage solutions, there is no need to buy additional hardware or software. All of the infrastructures are maintained and managed by the service providers, allowing you to allocate funds to other necessities.
  8. Highly scalable - Cloud storage is highly scalable. As most service providers follow the Pay-as-you-use model, you can increase your storage space as the need arises. 
  9. Top-grade security - Cloud storage providers add additional layers of protection to their services. Since there are many people with files stored on the cloud, these providers go to added lengths to ensure your files don’t get accessed by someone who shouldn’t. Besides, data and encryption keys are managed by the service provider, so there’s nothing you need to do from your end.

Best Cloud Storage For 2021

As we have already established why cloud storage is essential and how it helps in improving efficiency, especially in the video-making industry, the next logical step would be to find the best solution out there that can offer you all you need.

There are different types of large file cloud storage solutions, such as private cloud, public cloud, managed cloud, and hybrid cloud. Choosing the right option directly depends on your business needs, storage requirements, and budget. However, it isn’t that simple! You’ll need to shuffle through dozens of vendors before you find one that offers everything you need.

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To help address this dilemma, let me introduce you to a dedicated video storage solution for individuals, businesses, and remote teams. Ever since its inception, ProMAX Systems has attracted a great deal of attention and interest because of its impeccable capabilities. The platform is designed to facilitate video professionals handling large volumes of data while ensuring seamless communication and collaboration.

Significant upsides of using Promax Systems include:

  • This platform helps you store data in the cloud, access the said data, and add more data after establishing successful sync between the cloud and the local
  • The NAS Platform offered by ProMax is highly functional and allows both cloud and local storage to be accessed in the same interface
  • Most cloud storage services provide very confusing user interfaces, and this is not the case with ProMax. The Ux is designed similar to the familiar folder structure 
  • The SQL database of the local shared storage indexes all the elements on the local storage and helps in accessing and moving files up and down the cloud. It makes the search process a lot easier too
  • ProMax is highly scalable, and utmost security is offered to the data that is stored on the cloud
  • The expansion capability is more than impressive and is best suited for any collaborative team.
  • ProMAX facilitates on-cloud data management in the best and the most efficient way possible.
  • The flexibility factor is relatively high, and it adds value to the scalability of the solution as well
  • The performance reliability and standards are top-notch, and the answer will serve as a treasured addition to any business


There is no denying that the benefits of cloud storage can offer. We can all agree on how business agility and performance factors are increased with cloud implementation. Especially for a company that looks forward to shifting to a more collaborative environment, shared storage is the critical point, and cloud storage offers just the same.

A highly functional shared storage or cloud storage solution can change itself to take care of all the storage needs your business could probably have. It can bring a great deal of positive impact in a collaborative group.

Are you interested to learn more about different storage solutions designed for unique business needs? Contact a ProMax Systems expert to learn more about centralized storage systems and how you can increase productivity and output while saving money, time, and effort.