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Nathaniel CooperAug 29, 2019 9:46:18 AM1 min read

Avoid Getting Caught!

Medical expenses suck!!! 

We all know it and have to deal with it, but it is what it is.

This year was huge for my family with my daughter's medical expenses. We hit our out-of-pocket-max by like April. Don't worry! My daughter's just fine, she is doing great!

That being said, we planned ahead for all of this, so it wasn't this big sideswipe that we weren't expecting. We were actually planning ahead for our medical expenses last year, we built it into our budget and that made this side of things very tenable.

I see this all the time in businesses to. We have expenses here at ProMAX, some are planned and some are not, that's just part of running a business. 

Where I see this a lot is with storage expansion, this is an area to dig into. I encourage you to dig into how much an expansion can actually cost when you are looking into systems. A lot of vendors will lock you in with discounts on the front end, wheeling and dealing to get you in the door. Then it comes time to expand the system and suddenly you're looking at $30K for 200TB of storage! It's nuts what some people charge out there!

My advice is know your expenses! You will eventually need double or even triple the storage you have today a few years down the road! So when you're looking at systems, know your cost ahead of time and plan ahead. This will make things much more tenable and the process so much smoother.


Nathaniel Cooper

As Chief Operating Officer of ProMAX Systems, Nathaniel Cooper, runs ProMAX Systems day to day operations. Cooper has been working with Storage, Backup and Media Management for video and creative professionals since 2001. Cooper has lead the design and deployment of some of the largest media systems in the world including a range of customers from NFL, MLB & NBA teams, US Military operations, and many of the worlds largest PR agencies and consumer brands. Cooper has spent the last 9 years as part of the ProMAX team and specializes in translating complex technical issues and options into easily understandable concepts.