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Matthew MisterSep 30, 2019 8:11:13 AM1 min read

Unplanned Data Burn To The Storage System

Data Burn Calculator:

Have you ever been trying to record a video on your phone just to get an error message telling you you're out of storage? I've had it happen to me plenty of times and it always seems to happen at the most inopportune moments.

For example, there was one time I was playing with my dog and learned she can say her name.

Yes, she can say her name!

We were outside playing and she just lets out this howl that sounds just like her name so I pull my phone out trying to catch her doing it! I go to hit record and I get the dreaded 'Sorry but you're out of storage' error. To clear up space I now had to go through everything I had on my phone and decide what I wanted to keep and what had to go!

So where is this happening in your business? As video creatives you're constantly bringing data into your storage system, but how often are you clearing stuff out? This is called your Data Burn, the difference between what is coming into your storage system vs. what is being archived or deleted.

Why is knowing your Data Burn important?

If you know your data burn you can predict when you'll run out of storage if you maintain your current data management practices. That way you're not caught by surprise and can plan ahead on whether you need to begin archiving or deleting files or if buying more storage is the right move for you.

We made a Data Burn calculator that you can access here. We'll ask you a few questions about your current storage practices and it'll give you an idea of when you'll run out of storage. Check it out, we hope it's helpful!