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Matthew MisterMay 20, 2020 11:39:27 AM1 min read

Why you may need to access your NAS remotely

NAS storage was designed to be utilized on a local network. However, there may be times that you need access to those files when you are away from your office. Remotely connecting to something that is designed to be local and still get the full performance of the system to support your work can be easier said than done. So why would you need to connect your local NAS remotely?

If you have large files or if you have any sort of file structure at your office, that's probably on a NAS. For video professionals,  you're working with video assets, these big giant video files. Those are generally stored on some kind of centralized local storage like a NAS. When you need to access those anytime you need to work,you're constantly accessing a NAS.

There are going to be times you need access to full resolution media when you can't be in your office on the local network. Without access to a centralized storage system you face challenges such as multiple copies of projects and lack of collaboration. 

If you can connect your remote team to your central NAS device, your team can access the original project file without having to take separate copies home with them to keep working.